From May 2007 to March 2011, I produced and hosted a monthly episode of the hour-long literary radio program In Other Words on CKLN 88.1FM and online at I interviewed writers and publishers, they read from their work, we played some songs and had lively, in-depth discussions.

Unfortunately, the station lost its license to broadcast in 2011. I miss doing the show, and would really like to replace Eleonor Wachtel one of these days.

Below is a list of the authors I interviewed and shows I produced over the years. I will get the corresponding audio files uploaded as soon as I can.

Adam Seelig, January 2011

Adam Getty, August 2008

Book Thug spotlight with Jay MillAr & Jenny Sampirisi, November 2010

Christmas Show with Kate Sutherland, December 2009

Damian Rogers, January 2010

Derek McCormack, April 2008

Evie Christie, September 2010

Gil Adamson, November 2007

Jessica Westhead, September 2007

Jim Johnstone, May 2010

Jonathan Bennett, September 2008

Julia Tausch, January 2008

Kate Sutherland, June 2007

Katherine Kuitenbrower, November 2009

Kyle Buckley, November 2008

Marianne Apostolides, January 2009

Mark Truscott, October 2010

R. M. Vaughan, June 2008

Sally Cooper, March 2008

Sandy Pool, April 2010

Sean Dixon, August 2007

Stephanie Dickison, October 2009

Stuart Ross, July 2007

Tony Burgess, May 2008